Message from the CEO

Today, SK Hospital is recognized by several public sector undertakings and large private sector companies for the purpose of providing quality health care for their executives and employees. Over X patients visit our hospital every year.

The last one and a half decades have been invested to build a strong foundation for a world class healthcare organization. We as a team have left no stone unturned to execute on our founder’s vision. We are at an inflexion point now. The next 15 years we shall strive to harness advancements in medical technologies to deliver positive and sustainable healthcare outcomes for patients.

We have already kick started this initiative by augmenting infrastructure to enhance bed count to X and adding X

By expanding to include modern medicine departments, installing the latest diagnostic equipment and engaging physicians and nursing staff with proven experience, we want to transform SK Hospital into a sought after tertiary care hospital of international repute.

Dr. K S Sandhya
Chief Executive Officer