International Patients

The Fountain of Wellness

We have come up with an integrated programme for international patients. This programme ensures that your time in Kerala is utilized efficiently and enjoyably. The authorities at SK will help you with everything starting from booking your arrival tickets, hotel rooms, tourism packages to your departure tickets. Travel help desk will be available at all times to answer your queries. When the patient is undergoing treatment in the hospital under the expert care of the specialists, the bystanders can avail the tourist services and experience the true essence of Kerala. SK’s medical services are beyond excellence that the recuperated patients themselves can join the exploration of Kerala. SK values providing quality healthcare with compassionate patient care and this is the reason why it has become a landmark medical institution. It is the age of medical tourism and you can confidently choose SK, an institution built upon the foundations of trust and commitment.

Come and reap the rewards of a land that treats a guest like a God, a land of plenty and wellness. Come to SK, a hospital devoted to transforming human lives for the better. Come to restart a life of wellness and vitality. Come to be born again.

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