Critical Care Unit

The fundamental support system in critical care, Intensive Care Units (ICU) at SK provide efficient, dedicated, high quality care to critically ill patients through a collaborative multi-disciplinary approach. The ICUs, which are equipped with state-of-the-art clinical support and manned by trained Doctors, Intensivists and Ancillary staff, are capable of handling patients with a wide range of serious medical complications.

Our Facilities

For the Patient

SK Hospital lends a new dimension to critical care with the concept of 'No-stress CCUs'. Patient-centric in design, the CCUs here are unique - as they are with large windows that let seem the world outside. This design concept creates a peaceful environment that’s conducive to healing and helps patients overcome CCU induced stress, with natural light promoting their sleep-wake cycle.


For the Bystander

The concept 'No-stress CCU' has been extended to the benefit of the bystanders as well as we understand that when a family member is in the CCU, the wait outside is definitely a stressful one. That’s why the waiting lounge near the ICU has been designed to create a comforting ambience for the bystanders. They can also get constant updates about the patient’s health condition from the Public Relation Executive here.



Dr. Ravi S

Medical Superintendent


Dr. Renju kuriakose

Senior Consultant Intensivist (Critical Care Unit)