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Centre for Excellence

SK Centre for Diabetes

SK Center for Diabetes have been established since 2004 to provide quality diabetes health care with accepted International standards of excellence in the field. The goals of the institution are to achieve excellence in patient care & to maintain high standards of professionalism. With the above goals in view, the management is regularly strengthening the administration by bringing in modern management concepts and techniques into the realm of its daily patient care services. Very recent upgradation was an excellent CONTINIOUS CARE PROGRAMME, which helps our clients to feel secure themselves,even if they are not within the reach, by the continious monitoring of their respective doctors. 

The management of SK Center for Diabetes is based on Total Quality Management (TQM) concepts and the patient care and administrative services provided reflect total quality management processes that are followed throughout the organization.

The hospital has several unique features. The departments of the hospital include OPD & IP, a sophisticated fully automated,high technology diagnostic laboratory, facilities for major emergency and elective surgery, departments for early diagnosis of Diabetic Kidney and Eye disease, Doppler studies and Biothesiometry studies for early diagnosis of Diabetic Foot complications department of Imaging, treadmill Stress testing for the diagnosis of Ischemic heart disease and establishing the prognosis, foot clinic department and a modern ICU,CCU,Cord Blue team & Casualty Department. The staffing pattern of the institution includes diabetologists, physicians and various other members of the diabetes health care team including highly qualified dietitians, specialist nurses and assistants specially trained as diabetes health educators. The entire set up is an organisation built to provide modern outpatient and inpatient services to diabetic patients and their families. The hospital is recognised by several public sector undertakings and corporations and large private sector companies for the purpose of treating their executives and employees.  



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