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Centre for Excellence

General and Laproscopic Surgery

Welcome to the Division of General Surgery at SK Hospital. The mission of the Division of General Surgery is to promote excellence in patient care. We strive to provide the latest techniques to allow our patients to work with us to tailor a treatment plan that is right for them – whether their problem is simple or complex. We will provide timely and attentive service to our patients and referring providers. We are advanced the science of surgery and help to define the future of surgery – both through researches and education programs. Our actions will embody our core values of compassion, integrity, and excellence.

The division is the proud home to several ‘cutting edge’ programs including Bariatric Surgery and the Minimally Invasive General Surgery (MIGS) program. In addition, a number of our surgeons are expert hernia surgeons where they work together and with a multidisciplinary team of specialists provide the latest hernia repair techniques.

Our Division is primarily responsible for the trauma program and surgical critical care service at SK Hospital. While our major academic focus is trauma and critical care, we maintain an active general surgery practice. Special expertise in the areas of laparoscopy, endoscopy, surgical infections, and gastrointestinal surgery are available. We provide all emergency surgical coverage.


  • Breast checkup and surgery including breast cancer
  • Full range of cancer treatments
  • Gastro intestinal surgery including cancer
  • Head and neck surgery including cancer
  • Hernia surgery including key hole surgery
  • Laparoscopic (key hole) surgery
  • Minor surgery
  • Ovarian, uterus and other gynecology surgery with gynecology department
  • Piles- cryotherapy, stapler surgery
  • Plastic surgery
  • Thyroid surgery
  • Accident and emergency surgery

OUR DOCTORS FOR General and Laproscopic Surgery