Critical Care Unit

The fundamental support system in critical care, Intensive Care Units (ICU) at SK provide efficient, dedicated, high quality care to critically ill patients through a collaborative multi-disciplinary approach. The ICUs, which are equipped with state-of-the-art clinical support and manned by trained Doctors, Intensivists and Ancillary staff, are capable of handling patients with a wide range of serious medical complications.  

For the Patient

SK Hospital lends a new dimension to critical care with the concept of 'No-stress CCUs'. Patient-centric in design, the CCUs here are unique - as they are with large windows that let seem the world outside. This design concept creates a peaceful environment that’s conducive to healing and helps patients overcome CCU induced stress, with natural light promoting their sleep-wake cycle.

For the Bystander

The concept 'No-stress CCU' has been extended to the benefit of the bystanders as well as we understand that when a family member is in the CCU, the wait outside is definitely a stressful one. That’s why the waiting lounge near the ICU has been designed to create a comforting ambience for the bystanders. They can also get constant updates about the patient’s health condition from the Public Relation Executive here.



Dr. Renju kuriakose

MBBS, MD. Anesthesia, IDCMM


Dr. Vishnu M Nair



Dr. Shiril Ashraf M.A

MD. Anesthesia


Nishanth Sasidharan Nirmala


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